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Technical Request Lists allow selected users to ask questions to the engineer, architect and key stakeholders. All requests are treated like questions, and will stay open until answered by the technical lead. Users have full access to the log of own questions, and can keep up with the status and ask follow-up questions if the response is not to full satisfaction. 

Planroom Track

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Planroom Track is the unified app for Planroom users working with Issues, Quality Control, Audits, Quality Assurance, Technical Requests and Hand-over of construction projects across all sectors. Planroom Track is available as a responsive online/offline app for iPhone, iPad, android phones and tablets as well as online using your internet browser. 

With Track, the drawing materials of the buildings of the project are organized with floors and zones. Each Zone can have its own plan drawing. Professional trades are created and responsible companies and users invited hereto. Buildings and Trades are assigned access only to select lists and forms of the Project. For hand-over to the future owners, anonymous Zone Users can automatically be created and connected to the individual flats, stores or office areas in the building. All lists and forms are built with privacy concerns, so that users only see what is relevant to their own role in the project - be it their own trade or their future home or office zone. All interactions are logged, and made visible in Track for transparancy. Planroom Track works equally well both online and offline making it ideal for those poor mobile reception areas. 

In Track, you can easily create different filters, so you can quickly find the information required. These filter combinations can be stored in the system synchronized across your devices so they do not have to be specified each time.

Reports can be generated in multiple formats, PDF, Word or Excel. Various options are available for including or excluding data for the report. All users are able to create reports based on what they have access to. 

Planroom Track has no limitations on the number of lists created for a single project. Neither in the number of users that can be associated with Planroom Track. Invitations of additional users is easy and only requires the e-mail address of the invitee. 

You can buy Planroom Track standalone, or as an add-on to the Planroom Project product. Combine the two, and qualify for an additional discount. Contact us now to learn more!