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Planroom is simple to use, and most users can do without additional training. But if you want to ease the learning curve and take the fast track why not join us for a webinar, setup a one-on-one conference call or invite us to perform an onsite-session give the project team a kick start. We can, at times, all benefit from some training, whether its something like setting up a tender to meet a specification or simply knowing how to upload a bid or download a specific version of a document - just contact our support. We have several training options ranging from online webinars to consultancy. Read more below.

Our WebinarsJoin webinar

Sign up for our free webinars.
Our webinars provide you with a detailed review of the functionality and benefits of the Planroom system. You can experience how a solution with ease of use in focus can create value in your business. We run webinars every month at varying dates and times and with different topics. Contact us using the contact form and we will get back to you with options for webinars you can join. If you're a part of a team that would like to get a personalized webinar matching your specific topics of interest - let us know. We are here to help.

online consultancyOnline Consultancy

So you have a specific requirement for your project and would like us to assist you in transforming the project? Or maybe you are faced with new demands from managers or customers and want us to help you build a custom flow based on best practices that matches your specific project. If you find yourself in that position, then order our online consultancy. 
We can connect directly to your project and work on your data while we share your screen. It feels just like having a super-user sitting right next to you. 
Make a contact request to our support and ask for our assistance. We are available with short notice and will not leave you until your goals and the path leading to those are clear.

Onsite Consultancyonsite consultancy

In the nature of projects, stakeholders from many companies work together with mutual goals but different perspectives on how to reach them. If you want to give your team of advisors and constructors a head start why not invite us to take part in one of your team meetings. We can go through your project setup and work with the team on how to best utilize the powerful tools of the flexible Planroom solutions. All roads lead to Rome, but not all roads give you the same level of comfort and velocity. Let us work together with your project lead team to prepare and execute the best possible workflow for your specific project needs.
All you have to do, is contact us and we will be ready to assist you.