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Planroom can be used to manage your building project from the idea phase to the operational phase.
With Planroom Project you collect all files and documents in one place and give all subject groups easy and quick access to the project material. Planroom's version control ensures users always open the latest version directly from each document.
With Planroom you can:

  • Create you own folder structure
  • Use a structure already created, maybe from a standard
  • Save time
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize errors
  • Stay on top of associated companies, users and their assigned access levels

ProjectsPlanroom Projects are built with

  • Easy to use interfaces
  • Role-based access model
  • Duplicate control version
  • Change alerts for project users
  • Log of all records
  • Flexible Folder Structure
  • Easy and effortless file sharing
  • Easy searchability across projects
  • Everyday life saving - creating value for the project

Included with Planroom ProjectProjects

  • Free general support for all users of the system
  • Option for direct print order at nationwide print operators in Denmark and Germany
  • A competitive economy that doesn't exceed your budget. Independent of building, number of users or phases
  • Ongoing development with focus on construction projects, long-standing collaboration with construction partners